Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on June 23, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
476 Small_arrow_up419 PERMIE KIDs' Podcast
491 Small_arrow_up398 こどもと英語で話そう!
471 Small_arrow_up354 CewshCast 5000(Working Title)
496 Small_arrow_up341 How Is This Movie?
398 Small_arrow_up311 The Dirty Sessions Podcast
424 Small_arrow_up311 Zakorkowani
417 Small_arrow_up305 FoGetDatYo Podcast Show!
422 Small_arrow_up303 Pedro Cotto's Podcast
396 Small_arrow_up282 Brendan Chaplin's Podcast
454 Small_arrow_up282 Scotch Flavio Podcast
376 Small_arrow_up276 Pedro Gonzalez Silva's Podcast
152 Small_arrow_up268 Deejays Lounge Podcast
416 Small_arrow_up255 나는 재미 교포 English 강사다
474 Small_arrow_up255 SoccerNomad World Cup 2014
343 Small_arrow_up254 Geo & Kate's Podcasts
321 Small_arrow_up250 Faery Angel Blessings with Adrienne Dumas™
419 Small_arrow_up245 The Deep House Podcast
226 Small_arrow_up230 SeekersHub's Free Islamic Podcast
462 Small_arrow_up225 ICIS PEPP Podcast
358 Small_arrow_up224 Metanol, en speedwaypodd
341 Small_arrow_up217 Houston Sports Talk
331 Small_arrow_up213 THE DEEP SECTION
373 Small_arrow_up205 The Soulful House Chart
384 Small_arrow_up195 Digga D - The Calaloo Show - UK™
262 Small_arrow_up191 FOSTER the Podcast
458 Small_arrow_up190 The Mixologist DJ Se7en's Podcast
437 Small_arrow_up182 Mthiz's Podcast
347 Small_arrow_up177 BTE Podcast
78 Small_arrow_up176 Mellow Madness Experience
31 Small_arrow_up172 Doc B's Podcast
459 Small_arrow_up168 Harvest Church's Podcast
468 Small_arrow_up168 Paleo, Love & Transformation
442 Small_arrow_up166 REGGAEBOYZ SOUND
389 Small_arrow_up161 Raffles
372 Small_arrow_up159 The Velvethead Lounge ::: deep and funky house
467 Small_arrow_up154 DJ Creme Presents La Crema Mezcla
481 Small_arrow_up153 The Avid Reader on WCHE
285 Small_arrow_up151 Get In Da Corner Podcast
432 Small_arrow_up151 All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast
464 Small_arrow_up150 Zappacast - The Frank Zappa Podcast
302 Small_arrow_up143 The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!
400 Small_arrow_up143 The Dragget Show
415 Small_arrow_up142 Tarkan G - Electro House Podcast
450 Small_arrow_up141 DJ Jaycee presents EARGASMS!!
377 Small_arrow_up139 Invisible Radio
270 Small_arrow_up138 BEAT SOUP
224 Small_arrow_up133 "The Soul Shack" w/ DJ-J-ME
404 Small_arrow_up132 DJ Dean E G's Podcast
325 Small_arrow_up130 Medium Laura Evans' Podcast

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